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                                                   WRITER/PERFORMER -- Toronto


2014              "The Dead Poet's Society"--Featured reader--Art Bar--Black Swan

                      "Wonderfest Poetry Series"--Featured poet--Habits Gastropub

                      "What Ida Said"--Performer/co-writer---Gay Play Day-- Alumnae Theatre   

                      ""Lizzie Violet's Cabaret Noir"--Featured performer--The Central

                      "Mutual Readings"-- Featured performer--Book Launch-Secret Handshake Gallery at Paddy's Playhouse

                      "Smash Words"--Host/performer--Queer Arts Festival--The Press Club

                      "Lab Cab Festival"--Solo poetry readings-- Skeir Gallery

                      "The Junebug Romp"--Host/performer--Urban Gallery

                      "The Beautiful & the Damned"--Host/performer--The Central

                      "HamilTEN Festival"--Performer/co-writer-- Pearl Company, Hamilton

                      Lizzie Violet's Cabaret Noir"--Featured performer--The Central                                           

                      "Winter Snow Ball"- Host/performer--Urban Gallery

                      "Monday Night Poetry"--Featured performer--Amsterdam Bicycle Club

2013              "Why I'm Not a Star"- Gay Play Day - Alumnae Theatre  

                      "Lizzie Violet's Cabaret Noir-Featured performer-Q Space

                      "The Beautiful and the Damned"--Host/performer--Q Space   

                      "City Voices"--Featured poetry reading at Videofag   

                      Solo performance at art show opening--Secret Handshake Gallery                        

                      "Super Men"--Featured poetry reading--WonderFest-- The Central   

                      "Mutual Readings--Featured poetry reading--Secret Handshake Gallery   

                      "The Beautiful and the Damned"--Host-performer--Glad Day Books    

2012              Book Launch--"Resistance Poetry 2"--Poetry reading--International Festival of Poetry of Resistance--Q Space

                      “The Beautiful & the Damned”-Host/performer-Glad Day Books

                      “Smash Words Festival”—Host/performer-Queer West Festival-The Press Club

                      “The Beautiful & the Damned Poetry Cabaret”-Featured poetry reading- Toronto Pride—Clean & Sober Stage

                      “Mutual Readings--Featured poetry reading--Secret Handshake Art Gallery

                      “Fireside Culture Week”-Featured poetry reading--River Trading Co.

                      “Queer Parking”-Featured poetry reading-Fireside Culture Week at Cadillac Lounge

2011              “The Beautiful and the Damned”—Host/performer—Zelda’s  

                      “The Beautiful and the Damned”—Jackie Burroughs Toast--Featured poetry reading--- Zelda’s

                      “Smash Words”--Featured poetry reading--Queer West Fest--Lula Lounge

                      “An Evening”--Featured poetry reading--Secret Handshake Gallery

                      “Mutual Readings”--Featured poetry reading--Secret Handshake Art Gallery

                      “The Beautiful and the Damned”-Featured poetry & monologue reading-Zelda’s

                      “An Afternoon of Theatre”—Reading of 3 of my short plays--Produced by National Theatre at MajorSpace

                      “Night of Poetry”—Featured reader at Zelda’s

                      “Fireside Culture Week”- Poetry reading at Big Guy’s Coffee Shop

                      “Queer As Parkdale”-Fireside Culture Week-Featured poetry reading at Wrongbar

                      “Why I’m Not a Star”-Reading of one act solo play- MajorSpace-Produced by National Theatre

2010              “Plasticine Poetry”- -Featured poetry reading—The Central

                      “Toronto’s Talent”-- Poetry reading/Interview--Rogers Cable TV

                      “Sexy Words”- MC/Performer- Queer West Fest at Lula Lounge

                      “Hard and Able #2”-Solo performance-Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

                      “Granny Boots”-- Performance at Gladstone Hotel

                      “Bent Expressions”-- MC/Performer- Queer West at The Press Club

2008-13         Open mic poetry readings at Free Times Café, Black Swan Tavern, TKO’s Coffeehouse,    

                      The Central, Paddy’s Playhouse, Art Bar at Clinton’s, Renaissance Café, Regal Beagle, Zelda’s, The Ossington, Pauper’s Pub, Q Space & Glad Day Books  

2009              “Hard and Able”—Solo performance--Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

2008              “Hot Sauced Words”- Poetry reading- Best Performance prize--Black Swan                

                       “Phobia Phobic”—Poetry reading (featured) at Paddy’s Playhouse

                       “Fascination Street”--- Poetry reading (featured) at Augusta House

“The Who Project”---Monologue performed at Yellow Door Cafe

2007              “Soiree”--- Poetry reading -- Windmill Line Co-op

“What Ya Cookin’?” --- Readings at Paddy’s Playhouse/Beaver Hall

2005-06         "Avant-Vardeville"-- Gravy Boy at The Theatre Centre --

                       (3 different productions)

2004               "JavaScript" -- Toronto Arts Week event at Javaville

2003               "Launch Pad" -- Poetry reading -- New School of Drama

2002               "Cabar-eh!" -- Reading at Poor Alex Cabaret

                       "Launch Pad" -- 5 monthly readings -- New School of Drama --

 short stories, performance-pieces & poetry

1997               "Spooky Plays For Spooky Times" – Solo show--Green Hair Theatre

1995               Reading at Catch 22 disco

1994               "15 Minutes of Fame" --Playwrights Network at My Treehouse

                       "A Gay Witch's Brew" -- Performances at the Festival of Original

                       Theatre, Café Verite & Fabulous Nobodies Café

                       "Lickerish" -- Performance at magazine launch party -- Catch 22

1993               "The F.R.I.D.G.E."     -- Symptom Hall

1992               "Dykes, Fags & A Mike"--QueerCulture/Buddies in Bad Times

1991               "Artefect Benefit" -- Host/performer-- Gladstone Hotel

                       "Parkdale Artists"--Performance at art opening--Masaryk-Cowan Ctr.

                       "Avant-Garde Drag Performance" -- Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

1990               "A Divine Evening" -- Artefect Gallery

                       "B.A.N.G."-- The Theatre Centre

                       "Second Annual Lesbian and Gay Cabaret"-- A Space

                       "The Spring Blast" -- Changing Places Theatre

                       "The February Coffeehouse" -- Changing Places Theatre

1989               "The December Snowball" -- Changing Places Theatre

                       "Summer Art Show"--Performance at art opening--Masaryk-Cowan

                       "The April Frolic" -- Changing Places Theatre

                       "Come Fool With Us" -- Theatre Nextdoor

                       "The Junebug Romp" -- Changing Places Theatre

1988               "Burnt Toast"-- Performance at magazine launch party--A.R.C.

                       "Show and Tell" -- Writers in Performance at Idee Gallery

1985               Opening act -- Ritz Café Theatre

                       "My Plants Came Alive and We Fell in Love" -- Rhubarb! Festival --   

                       Buddies in Bad Times

1983               "Androgynes Flourish After Dark"--Readings at Lacemaker's Gallery



2014                   "Elizabeth Taylor's Jewels"-- Chapbook--Purplepoet Press, Toronto

2012                   Long poem-- "Labour of Love"-- Toronto

                           Long poem-- Resistance Poetry 2-- Hidden Brook Press, Toronto

2001                   Play excerpt -- Excalibur Monthly -- Toronto

1999                   Short   fiction -- Poop Deck -- Montreal       

1996-98              Short fiction & poetry -- Girl Cult Zine (4 issues) --London, ON

1994                   Article in Xtra! -- Toronto

                         Short fiction & illustrations -- Lickerish (2 issues) -- Toronto

1988                   Short fiction -- The Church-Wellesley Review -- Toronto

1972                   Article -- The Body Politic -- Toronto


                                                   WRITER -- Stage & Video -- Toronto


2005                   “The Nebulous Waystation”-- Script Reading at Paddy’s Playhouse

1994                   "Bubbles and Oblivion"--Workshop/reading-- Playwrights Network

1991                   "Bubbles and Oblivion"--Rhubarb! Festival-- Buddies in Bad Times

1989                   "Bubbles and Oblivion" -- Workshop/performance -- Changing Places Theatre 


1982                   "Pound For Pound" -- Performer/contributor to script -- DNA Theatre

                           (director: Hillar Liitoja)

1979                   "Intimate Moments" -- Performer/co-writer of video feature

                           (director: Ken Gass)



2014                   Evalyn Parry--Writing for Performance--U of T Arts Centre

2008                   Linda Carter—Performance—6 St. Joseph House

2007                   Helen Posno – Play Writing—6 St. Joseph House

2006                   Marnie Woodrow – Poetry Writing -- SOY

2005                   Marnie Woodrow – Poetry Writing -- SOY

1993                   Muriel Miguel -- Storytelling Workshop-- Buddies in Bad Times

                           Carol Bolt -- Writing For the Stage -- Ryerson University


                                                   GRANTS AND AWARDS


2000                   Writers' grant -- The Toronto Arts Council

1991                   Project grant -- The Lesbian and Gay Community Appeal

1990                   Project grant -- The Lesbian and Gay Community Appeal


                                                   CURATORIAL EXPERIENCE 


1991       "Red Fur/White Trim" -- Theodore Museum of Contemporary Art

               "Sex and Identity" -- Group Show - Artefect Gallery/QueerCulture Festival

1990       "There's No Place Like Home"--Solo show by Corinne Duchesne--Artefect

               "On the Edge of the Full Moon" -- Solo show by Tony Wang -- Artefect

               "Waterways" -- Solo show by Greg Charlton -- Artefect Gallery

               "Raw Fantasies" -- Group show -- Artefect Gallery/QueerCulture

1987       "Eclectic Xmas Art Show" -- Group show -- Total Art Gallery




2014      "In the Spotlight"--Interview on CIUT, FM

              "Howl"-- Interview on CIUT FM

2013      "Philip Cairns is Not a Star"-- Photo & interview-- Daily Xtra-September 26


              Photo of painting published in Xtra--July 25        

2012      "The Judy Monologues" at Toronto

     re: "The Judy Monologues" at Toronto

              Fringe & numerous poetry readings                               

               Photo in Fab Magazine, July 4

               Review in Now Magazine, July re: Toronto Fringe Festival

2011       “Howl”—Interview on CIUT FM

2009       “Hard and Able”—Review –

2006       “Regards from Cannes” – FilmPrint Magazine –July/August

2004       "Puss 'n' Booty" -- Review in Eye Magazine by Paul Issacs, Nov. 11

2003       Interview in film, "The Making of 'Fluff'"

2000       "Fleshprop" -- Interview in video documentary directed by Peter Howcroft

1998       "Girl Power on the 'Zine Scene" -- Review in Now, July 2

1997       "About Town" & "Gaywire" -- Interviews on CIUT FM

               "Shakespeare Cruises Cawthra" -- Review in Xtra!, July 17

1996       "About Town" -- Interview on CIUT FM

               Review in Eye Magazine, June

1995       Review in Eye Magazine, June

1994       Review in Eye Magazine, July

1992       "Much Music" -- Interview on City TV

               "Artefect: No Fixed Address" -- Interview in Art Word Magazine

1991       "About Town" & "Gaywire" -- Interviews on CIUT FM

               Photo in Parkdale Gazette, June

1990       Photo & story -- Xtra!, November 23

               "About Town" -- Interviews on CIUT FM (2 broadcasts)

               "QueerCulture" -- Review by Earl Miller -- Azure Magazine, June

               "Toronto After Hours" -- Interview on C.B.C. TV

               "Art on Air" & "Pink Antenna" -- Interviews on CKLN FM

               "Gaywire" -- Interview on CIUT FM

               "Angelic Attitudes" -- Review by Andrew McPhail-- Xtra!, May 11           

               "Naked Lunch" -- Review by Kelly McCray -- Xtra!, April 13

1988       Photo in Xtra!, May 27

               "Painters' Profiles" -- Interview in Surface and Symbol magazine, May

1987       Interview in "The Works" Newsletter, Edmonton, Alberta

1987       "Chaos and Control"--By Nigel Hunt-- Canadian Theatre Review, Fall

1983       Photo in The Body Politic, July/August


                                        PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS


2011-14         Collective member of The Beautiful & the Damned Poetry Cabaret

2004-15         ACTRA Member

2010-11         Vice-President—Queer West Fest

2009-10         Volunteer mentor for CultureLink

2000-12         Volunteer mentor for Supporting Our Youth

1993-2011     On Board of Directors of Spencer Avenue Co-operative Homes

1997              Artistic Director -- Green Hair Theatre

1995-97         Member of Outsider Artists Collective

1994              Member of Playwrights Network, a writers' co-operative

                      On Board of Directors -- Gallery Without Walls

1988-92         Member of Collective -- Artefect Gallery, an artist-run co-op

1988-90         Member of Scarborough Arts Council