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ACTRA       Height:  5’ 8”          Weight:  160 lbs.           Hair: Brown       Eyes:  Brown               




2014-Life                                                        Mr. Holt/Actor                     Anton Corbijn/Barry Films

2013--Yeller                                                   Cab Driver/Principal        Grayson Moore/Ryerson University

2011-Weird or What                                     Greg Spohn/Actor            Adrian Callendar/Cineflix

2010-George-Walmart                                 Hot Dog Vendor                 Short Life Commercial                              

2009-Sir Richard Wadd                              Drag Queen/Lead             Shawn Postoff/Web Series

2009-Impedimenta                                      Man/Actor                        Helen Posno/Video Short                               Waiter/Actor                        TIP Film                                      

2008-Cell Phones                                          Man on Phone/Principal    Leora Eisen/CBC

2008-A Snow Ball Fight                               Vito/Principal                    Brenden Moore/Sheridan College

2008-Ashes                                                    Drag Queen/Actor             Mark Philps/Ryerson University

2007-The Wonderfulest Day                      Angel/Lead                           Marisa Ross/Toronto Film School

2006-The Comic Who Killed                        Atef/Actor                            Canadian Film Centre

2006-Soyaplus                                                Student/SOC                        Commercial for Spain

2006-Scab                                                        Brian/Lead                           Geoff Davidson/Sheridan College

2006-Deadballs                                               Uncle Tim/Support             Conor Casey/Sheridan College

2006-Time to the Finish Line                        Mr. Rust/Principal               York University

2006-How Deaf, How Blind                         Reporter/Actor                    Humber College

2005-The Anniversary Present                     Bear/Actor                           TIP Project

2005-Abortion is Fun                                     Brenda/Lead                       Durango Miller/Ryerson University

2005-Klapp Trapp                                          Klapp/Lead                          James Martin/York University

2005-The Job                                                   Rick/Principal                      Andrew Cividino/Ryerson University

2004-Ontario Big Game Lottery                  Store Clerk/SOC                  National T.V. Commercial/Partners

2004-Most Guys Today                                James/Principal                   Ty Adams/Independent Feature          

2004-Homework – Roadrunner Internet   Caesar/SOC                         U.S. National T.V. Commercial

2002-5:10                                                         Guard/Actor                         Phil Douglas/Humber College

2004-Transparent                                           Teacher/Actor                     Jo-Anna Davidson/Short Film

2000-Fluff                                                        Julian/Lead                          Gregory Duke/Independent Feature

2002-Lifenet Organ Donation, PSA            Principal                                Akim Triebsch/Film Head

2003-Space Gifts                                            Father/Support                    Mike Colangelo/Niagara College

2002-Saving Sparky                                       Uncle/Lead                          Mark Montefiore/Niagara College

2001-Game Attics                                           Gardener/Actor                   David Stein/Sitcom- 2 episodes

2001-Hack Kerouac                                       Boss/Principal                      Alec Stevenson/Short Film

1999-God                                                         Flock/Actor                          Marc Collister/Short Film

1997-Of Urban Myths & Other Stories       Priest/Principal                     Mario Voltolina/Independent Feature

1995-Audition                                                 Lana/Support                      Humber College

1995-Le Ristorante                                         Waiter/Principal                  Julie Saragosa/Humber College

1994-You Go Girl                                            Paul/Principal                      Michael Cardwell/TV Pilot

1979-Intimate Moments                               Philip/Principal                    Ken Gass/Video Feature

1976-Metal Messiah                                      Rocker/Principal                 Tibor Takacs/Joe Sutherland (Prod.)

1985-Hijacking of Studio Four                    Reporter/Actor                    Joseph Gaudet/Visual Productions

1983-1812                                                        Grenadier/Actor                  Allan Levine/Visual Productions

1993-My Idol Red                                          Reporter/Actor                    Tom Platt/Humber College

1984-King of Friday Night         Stand-in/Double for Eric Peterson      John Gray/Les Harris (Producer)

1978-Rope                                                       Brandon/Lead                     Avi Ben Yehuda/Seneca College

1983-Romeo and Juliet Frog                        Voice-over                            Phillippe/Video Short

1996-Software Factories (Industrial)          Photog/SOC                         Richard Rebiere/Kaitland Prods.

1985-Canadian Brass Special                      SBE                                       Carol Moore-Ede/C.B.C.

1977-Outrageous                                            SBE                                       Richard Benner/Film Consortium        

1997-Creed Music Video                      SOC 

1986-Skate                                         Continuity                            C.B.C. Drama 

1980-Mermaids and Manticores                 Walk-on                                Carol Moore-Ede/C.B.C. 

1987-Switching Channels                              Continuity                            Ted Kotcheff/Feature               

2004-Cinderella Man                                     Continuity                            Ron Howard/Feature 

1992-Interview on Much Music 

1990-Interview on Toronto After Hours

1990-Interview on T.V. pilot interview show with Vivian Reiss


Plus background work on 250 feature films, commercials and T.V. shows from 1975-2010


COMMERCIALS                       List available on request 



2014--What Ida Said                            Writer/Performer          Durango Miller/Pearl Co. & Gay Play Day Festival

2013-14   Through the Clouds               Multiple Roles             Linda Carter/6 St. Joseph House/Pia Bowman Theatre

2013   Why I'm Not a Star                   Writer/Performer           Andraya Smith/Gay Play Day                

2010-12-The Judy Monologues              Man  #2                      D. Stewart-Jones/Tour/Tor. Fringe 

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