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ACTRA       Height:  5’ 8”          Weight:  160 lbs.           Hair: Brown       Eyes:  Brown               




Weird or What                                                 Greg Spohn/Actor                   Adrian Callendar/Cineflix


Fluff                                                                   Julian/Lead                             Gregory Duke/Independent Feature


Cell Phones                                                    Man on Phone/Principal        Leora Eisen/CBC


Abortion is Fun                                                Brenda/Lead                           Durango Miller/Cannes Film Festival


Sir Richard Wadd                                           Drag Queen/Lead                  Shawn Postoff/Web Series


Most Guys Today                                           James/Principal                     Ty Adams/Independent Feature


Transparent                                                    Teacher/Actor                         Jo-Anna Davidson/Short film


Game Attics                                                     Gardener/Actor                       David Stein/Sitcom- 2 Episodes


Of Urban Myths & Other Stories                  Priest/Principal                       Mario Voltolina/Independent Feature


Intimate Moments                                          Philip/Principal                        Ken Gass/Video Feature


Metal Messiah                                                Rocker/Principal                     Tibor Takacs/Independent Feature


A Snow Ball Fight                                          Vito/Principal                            Brenden Moore/Sheridan College


Ashes                                                              Drag Queen/Actor                   Mark Philps/Ryerson University


The Wonderfulest Day                                  Angel/Lead                             Marisa Ross/Toronto Film School


The Comic Who Killed                                  Atef/Actor                                Canadian Film Centre


Scab                                                                   Brian/Lead                            Geoff Davidson/Sheridan College


Time to the Finish Line                                   Mr. Rust/Principal               York University


How Deaf, How Blind                                      Reporter/Actor                    Humber College     


Klapp Trapp                                                     Klapp/Lead                            James Martin/York University


The Job                                                             Rick/Principal                        Andrew Cividino/Ryerson University


Saving Sparky                                                 Uncle/Lead                             Mark Montefiore/Niagara College


Deadballs                                                         Uncle Tim/Principal              Conor Casey/Sheridan College


Space Gifts                                                       Father/Principal                    Mike Colangelo/Niagara College         


5:10                                                                   Guard/Actor                           Phil Douglas/Humber College


Hack Kerouac                                                 Boss/Principal                      Alec Stevenson/Short Film


God                                                                   Flock/Actor                             Marc Collister/Short Film


Audition                                                            Lana/Support                        Humber College


You Go Girl                                                      Paul Principal                        Michael Cardwell/TV Pilot   


Le Ristorante                                                  Waiter/Principal                    Julie Saragosa/Humber College                                        


Highjacking of Studio Four                          Reporter/Actor                       Joseph Gaudet/Visual Productions


1812                                                                Grenadier/Actor                     Allan Levine/Visual Productions


My Idol Red                                                     Reporter/Actor                       Tom Platt/Humber College


Rope                                                                 Brandon/Lead                       Avi Ben-Yehuda/Seneca College   


COMMERCIALS                 List available on request




HamilTEN Festival                                        Miss Ogyny                          Darren Stewart-Jones/Pearl Company, Hamilton


The Judy Monologues                                   Man #2                                 Darren Stewart-Jones/Ontario tour/Toronto Fringe 


Sex, Relationships & Sometimes Love     Man                                      Roger Dundas/Annex Live     


Hard and Able                                                Solo Performer/Writer       Jay Stewart/Buddies in Bad Times


Sitting in a Tree                                               Duck                                    Mindy Eklove/Toronto Fringe               


The 40 Minute Ring                                       Mrs. Cairns/Narrator         Myra Davies/Paddy's Playhouse


Drag Queens Talk About Their Vaginas    Busty                                   Durango Miller/Toronto Fringe Fest


The Kneeling Goddess                                  Basil Dacksrod                Justin Ruttan/Paddy’s Playhouse


Les Mers Rouges                                            Multiple Roles                  Kalli Paakspuu/Toronto Fringe              


Watching a Door: Adoration                           Seer                                   Helen Posno/Paddy's Playhouse


The Churkendoose                                         Rooster                             Angela Besharah/Toronto Fringe Fest


It Should Happen to a Dog                            Jonah                                 Boris Treivus/Theatre Offstage


The Importance of Being Earnest                 Dr. Chasuble                   Simon Wong Ken/SubCulture 1975    


Talk to the Hand                                              Angry Man                          Stewart Montgomery/Toronto Fringe


Half Life                                                             Andy                                    Allan Park/Rowanlea Grove Entertainment


Dying is Sexy                                                    Philip                                  Frank Moore/FADO        


Control Alt Delete                                           Dr.Sauditov                         Alec Stevenson/Poor Alex Theatre


Twelfth Night                                                   Sir Toby Belch                    Kevin Sheard/TAGLARC


The Taming of the Shrew                             Vincentio                             Kevin Sheard/TAGLARC


Love's Tangled Web                                      Reverend Bates                Duncan Armstrong/Bushwack Theatre


Spooky Plays for Spooky Times                  Witch                                    Anita Laite/Green Hair Theatre


A Midsummer Night’s Dream                      Theseus/Titania                Kevin Sheard/TAGLARC


Julius Caesar                                                  Cinna/Cobbler                   Elias Zarou/Tempest Theatre


Sirens Songs                                                   Dante/Steiglitz                   Sandra Peredo/Company of Sirens


Bent                                                                   Greta                                   Walter Young/Upstart Crow Theatre


Guys in Underpants Watching TV               Lead                                     Duncan Armstrong/Bushwack Theatre


The Lisbon Triavata                                       Lead                                     Duncan Armstrong/Bushwack


The Hothouse                                                 Cutts                                    Duncan Armstrong/Bushwack Theatre


The Soul Eaters                                              Support                               Duncan Armstrong/Bushwack Theatre   


David and Lisa                                                Dr. Swinford                       Sam Rosenthal/Annex Theatre


Fiko                                                                    Lead                                    Chuck Costello/FOOT Festival


A Gay Witch's Brew                                         Solo Performer                  Frank Canino/FOOT Festival


Bremen Freedom                                            Zimmerman/Markus        Jane Gibson/Robert Gill Theatre


The F.R.I.D.G.E. Festival                                Solo Performer                  Frank Canino/Symptom Hall   


There's No Place                                            Lead                                     Russell Powell/Bushwack Theatre


Street Theatre                                                  Donald                                 Duncan Armstrong/Bushwack Theatre


Radikal Sex Theatre                                       Support                                Pendra/Cinecycle                            


Comedy Festival                                             Solo Performer                  Buddies in Bad Times Theatre


Avant-Garde Performance                             Solo Performer                 Buddies in Bad Times Theatre


T-Shirts                                                              Marvin                                 Bob Martyn/Bushwack Theatre


Hush, So I Hushed                                          Veiss                                  Jacob Wren/Compleat Theatre


Fruit Cocktail                                                     Support                              Graham Harley/Ryerson Theatre


By Common Consent                                     Support                               Ray Wickens/Bathurst Street Theatre  


Fem Fest 85                                                      Lead                                    Mara Ravins/Horseshoe Tavern


My Plants Came Alive etc.                                Philip                                 Hillar Liitoja/Buddies in Bad Times


The Mousetrap                                                   Christopher Wren           Rita Tuckett/Toronto Truck Theatre


Rhubarb Festival                                               Multiple Roles                 Hillar Liitoja/Buddies in Bad Times 


Pound For Pound                                               Poet                                   Hillar Liitoja/DNA Theatre    


The Time is Night                                               Freda                                 Svetlana Zylin/Nightwood Theatre


Wide Door Widower                                           Biteobutter                        Helen Posno/Toronto Theatre Festival


One-Niner-Six-Niner                                          Multiple Roles                  Linda Pakri/Buddies in Bad Times


Elektra                                                                  Old Man/Castor                Alan Orenstein/Magic Circus Theatre


1837: The Farmers’ Revolt                             Mackenzie/Backwash       Alan Orenstein/Magic Circus Theatre


Phone Calls to J.D. Salinger                           Punk Rocker                      Linda Pakri/Buddies in Bad Times


Paris Spleen                                                      Multiple Roles                    Sky Gilbert/Buddies in Bad Times


The Relapse                                                      La Verole                             Graham Harley/Phoenix Theatre


Sophistication, Ah!                                            Multiple Roles                    John Karastamatis/New Drama Centre


Our Town                                                            Mutliple Roles                    Rene Aloma/Octagon-Seneca Theatre


The Lady's Not For Burning                             Richard                               G. Saville-Read/Octagon Seneca Theatre


See How They Run                                          Reverend                             Marilyn Welsh/Fairview Theatre Co.


The York Cycle                                                  Support                                Mara Tiido/Poculi Ludique Societas


Androcles and the Lion                                   Pantalone                            Geoffrey Blackman/Seneca College


Arms and the Man                                            Nicola                                   Bill Rockett/Seneca College


Who Killed Santa Claus?                               Dave Ogden                         Gene Tishauer/Solar Stage


Two One-Act Plays                                          Support                                  Peter Muir/Raw Space


Cabaret Show                                                  Multiple Roles                       CHAT Centre


The Death of Cuchulain                                 Servant                                   Wayne Fulks/Hart House Music Room


Arden of Feversham                                        Support                                  John Mastriani/Poculi Ludique Societas


Puss 'n Boots/Pirates                                     Lead/Support                        Jack Medhurst/Medhurst Studio


Alladin                                                                Support                                  Jack Medhurst/Medhurst Studio                                  





On-Camera:  Ken Gass, Jane Gibson       

Acting and Improvisation: Ken Gass, Brian Tree, Eli Rill, Jack Medhurst, Muriel Miguel, Tim Miller, Linda Carter       

Voice and Movement:  Frank Canino, Rosemary Donnelly, Juanne Hemsol       

Dance (Modern and Jazz):  Holly Small, Paul Pettiford       

Singing and Music Theory:  Debora Joy, Maryse Schembri, Honey Novick       

Seneca College:  Various Productions




Best Actor---“The Judy Monologues”---London One Act Festival